Pine Shores Art 
NOW at the Pine Shores Art gallery in Stafford, 
thru January and February, artwork by featured artists
Paul Daukas and Lois Mullen

January-February 2024 FEATURED ARTISTS Show
Celebrating over 40 years of  fine arts in the community
Paul's artwork...
Lois's artwork...
Paul Daukas grew up in the city of Philadelphia. He became a Marine at 18. He was a graphic designer and started his own advertising company. He paints with brilliant moving color.
Lois Mullen grew up on a farm in Macungie. She was a Fair Queen at 17, and later became an attorney, criminal prosecutor and real estate broker. She paints and creates with wrack-line treasures found on the beach.
Magpie Manor
Winter Dream
Teeny Weeny Yellow Picasso Bikini
Sea Gypsy’s Dress
Gus The Goose
Ever Have One Of Those Days?
Fog Bow At Dawn
Three Amigos
Early Morning At Viking Village
Three Amigos II
Old Barney
Dream Hunter
First Time Fishing
Budding Botanist
The Wise Owl
The Choice
When Pablo Painted Mona
Sentry Duty
Sandy Claus the Beachcomber
Biking Europe
Two Red Umbrellas
Biking Venice
Polo Pony
Girl With Red Balloon
Causeway Bridge
Winter Beach
Red Dress
I’ll Always Love You
Sun Rising
Fun At The Beach
Treasures From The Sea
Yoga Lady
Red Rose
The Card Players, after Paul Cezanne
Captain Jack Sparrow
Morning Sun
High in the Cherry Tree
Beach Stories At Dawn
Barnegat Light Stories