Pine Shores Art 
FABULOUS FAKES Show (page 3 of 3) - October 2023

Celebrating over 40 years of  fine arts in the community
Blue Dancers 1899 
by Dolores Prontnicki
An acrylic interpretation of a painting by Edgar Degas

“Very, very close, but a little more canvas is needed to fully get that image out.”
'The Answer' 
by Ed Rennar
A pastel interpretation of a painting  by Jane Peterson

“The feeling of sunlight captured warmth coming into the subject.”
'Nassau Palm' 
by Christine M. Dennebaum
A watercolor interpretation of 
the painting 'Palm Tree, Nassau' 
by Winslow Homer

“Felt the Bahama breeze in a favorite place of a brilliant artist.”
Fabulous Fakes Reception
happened on Sunday, October 15th

More than 40 Pine Shores artists have portrayed the work of history’s great painting masters, either by attempting exact copies, or by interpreting famous masterpieces with an added thought-provoking or comical twist to the original work.

We celebrated this wonderful show and cheered on the award winners. The reception was in the Stafford gallery 
and studio in Manahawkin. It was open to the public, everyone was invited.

PSAA received funding this year from a grant administered by the Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission from funds grated by the New Jersey State Arts Council, a division of the New Jersey Department of State.
The  Fabulous Fakes REPRESENTATIONAL-interpretation winners are...
'A Tribute To The Tobacco Farm Workers' 
by MaryBeth McCabe
A watercolor interpretation of a painting by Dean Mitchell

“It's like seeing the original. Very nice.”
'Teel's island' 
by Irene Bausmith
A gouache interpretation of a painting by Andrew Wyeth
“Very close to the what you’d see on a 
Wyeth piece, same grey pallet”
'Girl With A Pearl Earring' 
by Alicia Molloy
A pastel interpretation of a 
painting by Johannes Vermeer

“Very strong; loved the contrast with light and dark. Came as close as you can get to the original work.”
'Regatta At Argenteuil' 
by Paul Hartelius
An acrylic interpretation of a painting by Claude Monet 
“If it weren’t for the size, would be very close to exact replication.”
On October 15th the paintings were judged by Jonathan Law.  
His comments are in quotations below each painting's description. 
The Awards were presented by PSAA President Lonny Hall.
Best In Show
awarded to Alicia Molloy 
(on left)
First Place awarded to both MaryBeth McCabe and Ed Rennar
​Second Place awarded to Christine M. Dennebaum
​Third Place awarded to both Irene Bausmith and Paul Hartelius 
​Honorable Mention awarded to both Dolores Prontnicki and Pat Seeber
First Place
awarded to 
Nancy Edwards
Joe Joe In A Torn Hat 
by Phil Meara
A watercolor interpretation of 
the painting 'The Torn Hat' 
by Thomas Sully

“Classic Americana, pretty cool interpretation with a family member taking the place of the boy.”
The Starry Night With A Twist 
by Nancy Edwards
An acrylic interpretation of 'Starry Night'  by Vincent Van Gogh

“Can’t beat the interpretation of this favorite artwork.”
Degas Barbie 
by Nancy Willen
An acrylic interpretation of a painting by Edgar Degas

“A very fun play with Degas that wasn’t easy to do.”
Masterpiece Mash Up 
by Melody Schossig
A watercolor interpretation of 
the painting ''Whistler's Mother' by 
James McNeill Whistler, and with inserts of Andrew Wyeth and Vincent VanGogh paintings

“A great play on the subject of the exhibit”
Second Place
awarded to 
Nancy Willen
Third Place
awarded to 
Phil Meara
Honorable Mention awarded to Melody Schossig
Van Gogh Self-Portrait 
by Pat Seeber
An oil painting interpretation of a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

“Much brighter, though really close, needs 150 years of dirt and dust and then would be perfect.”
And the  Fabulous Fakes INTERPRETIVE-interpretation winners are...