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Volunteer Positions Open
February 2023

Volunteer positions are vital to our day-to-day efficient and effective functioning. Each role is part of established committees and new leaders will receive lots of support and guidance from the outgoing chairs, the rest of the team, and the Board. 

Volunteers receive much in return for their efforts. Some join to learn new skills; others offer their

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Note from Pine Shores President, Tom Rutledge...

Gustave Courbet is credited with being a key figure in the Realism Movement of 19th Century painting, although the realism back then was not what we think of as realistic today. In Courbet’s time allegorical, legend type painting or historical and religious type paintings were considered to be the highest calling for the artist.
    The realism that Courbet was after though pertained to the realities of life in his time. He did paintings of real people doing real things. That’s why his painting, “The Stone Breakers“, stunned the art world. Here are two people in worn out, tattered clothing 
making a meager living cracking rocks by the side of the road, 
and all of this the subject of a painting. His works were considered 
vulgar by many at the time, his choice of subjects unheard 
of in painting.
    Eventually this led to the Impressionist Movement in art, which 
is loved by many. This in turn led to the Modernist Movement. As 
artists today, what are we searching for in our work? What do we 
want to express? Maybe we just want to paint or create for the joy 
of it? Whatever the reason the important thing is that we are painting, 
that we are creating.
    Here at Pine Shores, we have many different and varied type 
classes planned for the year to help us hone those artistic skills we 
have. Be a part of that, you will enjoy it as you learn. We also have many 
art exhibits planned this year where we can show the very work we create. 
    I look forward excitedly to each new class and to each new show as I know you do. Who knows where it will lead?

PSAA's 2022 Scholarship winner !
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Pine Shores Art Association 
at Tuckerton
Pine Shores Art Association at Tuckerton
140 E. Main Street (Rt 9)
Tuckerton, NJ 08087

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Friday drop-in session in Tuckerton:
Do Your Own Thing, 10am-2pm. The gallery will be open during DYOT.  

The gallery will also be open on Saturday during our Open Studio classes.

Sorry... alcohol inks are not permitted at the PSAA Tuckerton annex.

We are located at 140 E. Main Street (Rt 9)
Tuckerton, NJ 08087. 
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We meet at 10am at the Tuckerton Library on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all doing well and taking advantage of the cold weather to stay inside and paint!  
Our next Art Chat is Tuesday, February 7th at 10am at the Tuckerton Library.

Shelly Christine Ristow was kind enough to forward some information that she had shared at Art Chat regarding a mixed media type of paint. If anyone is interested in learning more, feel free to contact me and I can send the information to you.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Nancy Glines

'The Stone Breakers' 
by Gustave Courbet