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PSAA Members and Non-Members:
Plein Air in Pine Air
Now open to the Public ! 

Plein Air painting Event: 
Saturday, May 6, 2023
Located at Rutgers University Marine Field Station
800 Great Bay Blvd., Tuckerton, NJ 08087 

There is availability to rent space on May 6th from 9-5pm. A minimum of 10 people to reserve the room for the day would be good. I would need to have a commitment before paying for the reservation for the room.

There are about 20 chairs and two large 4ft x 8ft tables in the large conference room set up for presentations with a Smart Board. This is located on the first floor. ($150.00 per day.)

In the small conference room, there is one 3ft x 8ft table, 30" x 24ft of bench space surrounding the room and about 8 chairs with smart board. This is located on the second floor. (The fee is $50.00 per day.)

If there is inclement weather all painting will be done indoors. In addition, if there are more than 10 people, we will need to rent both rooms for a total of $200. And then divide that by the number of people for the cost to attend. 20 people would be $10 each for both rooms. If 10 people attend the cost would be $15.00 each for the large conference room.

PLEASE be VERY aware of LIMITED parking on deck near the building. 
MOST vehicles will need to be parked at the road and participants must walk up the ¼ mile long raised wooden causeway. No more than 6 cars are able to fit on deck and still have some room to turn around. I am planning to carpool, but this will need to be planned in advance. Some may like to stay for the full day and others may not, so we can work that out. You are free to come and go anytime between 9am and 5pm. Rutgers will have a staff member present for the day. To see the area please click on the link below. 

Rutgers has hosted lunches before, but our group would be responsible for keeping it tidy and clean-up after to return it to its current condition. (Or incur an additional fee for contracted clean up after.) There is a long dining room with two 30" x 8ft tables upon which lunch can be laid out as a food service area.  We can decide to have lunch as pack-in/pre-packed or catered. There is one restaurant that will deliver for a $20-$30 delivery fee called the “Gourmet deli” in West Creek: 
I plan on bringing a cooler with ice and water bottles. If you prefer to pack your own lunch that is fine.  

Please contact Shelly Christine Ristow, ASAP, to be added to the list or ask any questions you may have about this event: [email protected]  (or 609-294-0405.)

Let's Make this Happen!

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